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Shiny new Yellowscale.com!

I had fun this weekend. Usually I hop to a coffeeshop early in the morning and strategize how I should spend the next week’s time. I spend 20–30 hours a week on Yellowscale-related work: editing photos, writing on Fstoppers, shooting vlogs, journaling, SEO things…

My full-time job is as a software consultant and instructor. But like many crafts, you rarely have time to invest in your personal assets like you do into client work; when that time does come, it’s rarely a strategic goal. “A contractor’s house is never finished.”

So I had a fun weekend — it finally became a strategic goal to hand-code Yellowscale.com from scratch. In case web geekery intrigues you:

  • It uses some “new” CSS toys: CSS Grid, Variables, position:sticky and Flexbox. Well, I guess Flexbox isn’t really new, but you’d be surprised how many agencies still use float hacks. 😱
  • It’s wicked fast thanks to all the usual web performance tricks, plus some newer ones like preload and preconnect! 🏎
  • It passed some accessibility audits — yay ARIA and Lighthouse! 💡

Previously, I heavily monkey-patched a template from HTML5 UP. It served me well, but it feels so nice to code from scratch!

And there are a few new photos too! Have a peek. 👇

Source code is up on Github. If tech stuff interests you, head to jonathanleemartin.com!

Yellowscale.com Photography Portfolio

Jonathan Lee Martin

Jonathan Lee Martin

Globetrotting digital nomad and fine art landscape photographer in Atlanta. Working remotely as a developer + international trainer, scaling mountains at twilight to discover non-touristy landscapes.

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