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@Fstoppers: Discover Unique Landscape Photography Spots Before Takeoff

Amazing photos begin with stunning locations. On Fstoppers.com, I cover techniques to discover unique landscapes without tourists and selfie-sticks — pretty pictures included. 😇

Google Maps’ terrain view is particularly helpful for evaluating candidate regions. For example, here’s England’s Peak vs. Lake District:

Peak District in Terrain View

Lake District in Terrain View

A map is worth a thousand words — or Google searches. ✨📍✨ Terrain view and a handful of other techniques have helped me discover landscape shots like these:

South Stack Lighthouse in Wales, Brunate Italy, Lulworth Cove in England, and Strumble Head Lighthouse in Wales

So if you’re ready to research killer landscape photography spots before boarding your flight, check out the full post on Fstoppers:

How to Discover Unique Landscape Photography Spots Before Takeoff ✨📸✨

Alternatively titled, “Fantastic Pictures and Where to Find Them” 😏

Jonathan Lee Martin

Jonathan Lee Martin

Globetrotting digital nomad and fine art landscape photographer in Atlanta. Working remotely as a developer + international trainer, scaling mountains at twilight to discover non-touristy landscapes.

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